8 Jan 2014

A Letter to Conscience

Dear Conscience,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you how increasingly misleading and hurtful you have been to me recently and outline the psychological and financial discomfort you have caused me in the process.

You must be well aware of the recurring bouts of existential crises which plague me on a regular basis. I have always sought you out on these given occasions to help me identify the problem areas and suggest sustainable solutions for the problems in question.

I have admire your stand on a number of issues in the past and I appreciate the effort you make but I need you to seriously reconsider the ways you now use to put your point across. For instance, raising your voice to intolerable levels in order to remind me of dirty socks while I am working on a pending assignment or scolding me for slacking in my progress when I have barely come out of my hibernating period aka sleep, are the most unpleasant of your mannerisms. Also, it is detrimental when you go back on your past assertions causing me much public disgrace. On the flip side, I might have been the one to misinterpret your commandments but there is only so much I can decipher in-between the deluge of bilingual expletives you now tend to use to over-emphasize your point.

You must bear in mind that nowhere am I questioning your intentions or the legitimate right to chide me but I am merely bringing your attention to your attitude.

If in future you can make politer remarks instead of harsh rebukes to remind me of my obligations, I would be highly grateful. Also, it would benefit me if, between the two of us, it is only I who caves in to the grueling pressure of the world, and you continue to stand upright and firm in the face of it all reminding me of what a uniquely degenerate and yet truly amazing person I have grown up to be because indeed, I am more than two decades old. 

Yours sincerely,
(Old) Me


  1. Now I am copying this letter and sending it to my conscience too. The harsh rebukes are being too much to take!


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