22 Sep 2014

Unclog Series #1

Dear Self,

Through all the times that life has handed out to us the rougher slice of things, you and I have stuck together. Through an unexpected death and through the expected break-up, I have seen you in pieces lying scattered all over the place and spiraling deeper into a conviction that this is how things are meant to be. I've seen you at your worst, with a legitimate fear that your fire will be reduced to ashes by this world.

Now with your flames leaping high in the air, I realize how wrong I was to ever doubt your strength or your ability to completely break apart and yet, rebuild yourself from scratch. I feel reassured looking at you as you have finally taken back the reins of your life from your parents, your ex, your academic grades - and you have broken free, to create your own perfect version of this world rather than waiting on somebody else to do that for you. You have become aware of your individual capacity and no longer can people close to you hold back their care for ransom. 

But I guess, such strength comes as a price for you have had to suffer so much and it breaks my heart to know how much of it lies waiting in future. But then, I know no matter how hard things get, you will get through.

You are strong. You are free. You are bold. Passionate. Pure. You are me. Bruised but Unbreakable. 

P.S. - I cannot write anymore. The writer in me has somehow, been missing in action since a long time. But without writing, I feel my mind clogging up. So, brace yourself. I'm going to barf on my blog every day till I can unclog my brain.

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