3 Jan 2016

New Year's Here!

It’s that time of the year again when you look back to the past three-hundred-something days that you have survived, and look ahead to the future three-hundred-something days that are yet to arrive.

Looking back and forth might be a good neck exercise, but overdo it a little bit and you might just sprain your neck, or worse.

There is much to remember from the past (the Ghosts of Gadbads Past cannot be easily exorcised) and there is much to look forward to (the Ghosts of Gadbad Future). And New Year is that time when both the ghostly groups draw their weapons and descend upon you as you make yet another set of fail-proof lazy-resistant plans to get your shit together.

Reality-based-anxiety, with a side order of procrastination ready to be served!


For a change, start the year with giving yourself a break. Break from the pressure to outperform, to match up against the Facebook-ed lives of your friends; a break from want-all do-all syndromme (where you want everything and try and do everything and fail at everything); a break from the mad rush to catch up with time; a break from the obsession with love (and lovers).

Getting yourself off the hook for things you cannot fix is a third of a cure-all, and worth a try! Similar to the gradual unclenching of chest when you take the damned bra off after a long day.

When 2016 came knocking at my door it found me sleeping initially, and later curled up with ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ with a steaming hot cup of spiced black tea in my hand. In short, on the eve of new year, I did what I do best.

Which is what I wish for you, dear reader. That this year might find you doing what you do best. Let the best in you take centerstage, smack under the glare of spotlight. Pump up some confidence in it so that it doesn’t shy away and melt into the background. As it takes the first sweeping glance of the audience, let it find friends and acquaintances, not competitors or enemies.

Forget the past and forge the future! (with the coolest background music)

Which song captures your current mood best? Tell me in the comments!

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